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Flux Pavilion Live PNE Forum Vancouver BC

Flux Pavilion stormed into Vancouver on St. Patrick’s day to deliver a lethal dose of distortion and bass to the PNE Forum. He visited BC last summer for Shambhala and I can say he packed both performances full of energy and adrenaline. The energy that can form in a large arena like the PNE Forum with echoing acoustics and the combined noise and heat of everyone there can be quite the rush, this type of venue was perfect for an artist like Flux Pavilion. His style is very energy driven as he creates electrifying high pitched synths that scream out haunting melodies and have that dirty distorted sound which make up the chorus’s of his songs. These synths are really his bread and butter, as they act as the melody, which gives him a more distinct and recognizable sound because catchy melodies are not very common in dubstep, especially modern dubstep. He also likes to use his voice in a lowered octave to repeat the name of the song in the chorus in delayed and offbeat way which has also become a signature of his sound, most notable in songs like “I Can’t Stop” and “Bass Canon”.

Flux Pavilion Live PNE Forum Vancouver BC

It was St. Patrick’s day and the crowd was electric with neon everywhere, a neon themed St. Patrick’s day, much different than your traditional bar scene. Bright colours and bright lights always seem to follow electronic music which is nice because it adds more of that dreamy feel that electronic music has. Getting away from the reality of today’s world that we live in most of the time is nice; it’s an escape to go to an event like this. I was reminded of Shambhala when i saw some interesting costumes including a couple of Teletubbies. I really don’t know how they can stand the heat; it gets so incredibly humid in a crowd of raging boisterous bass heads that if you have a few drinks you will have sweat it all out within 30 minutes. As the headliner of a huge show it is important to play to your audience and to fulfill them. Anyone who was not fulfilled on Saturday night may have gone deaf, which actually might be possible with those screaming synths; I can actually still hear them a bit and it’s Monday morning.

Flux Pavilion Live PNE Forum Vancouver BC

Flux Pavilion is one of the most well known dubstep producers in the world as he creates really popular original content, but he also makes very highly regarded remix’s. Many producers nowadays see the remixing of their work as more of an honor than copyright infringement as they recognize the skill and creativity it takes to remix something; a mind set that is very different in other genres where lawsuits are filed for that kind of thing. It’s a testament to the openness and vastness of electronic music, the scene just has a very different sense of ego. Many producers allow their music to be downloaded for free and let other producers sample their original music for creative purposes; Flux Pavilion really has grown his popularity by indulging into this method. His remix’s of “Gold Dust”, “Louder”, and “Cracks” are three of his biggest songs that he plays at almost all of his shows to get huge reactions; however, most people know Flux Pavilion for his classic original tracks like ” I Can’t Stop” and “Bass Canon”, two of the most recognizable songs in the entire dubstep genre. Naturally on Saturday night, he played both.

Dirtyphonics Live PNE Forum Vancouver BC

The opening acts were really interesting, they probably could have made for an exciting show just by themselves. Figure stood out the most to me. It’s like horror dubstep: really dark and heavy, and about zombies and aliens combined with really low wobbly bass lines and heavy beats of course. Dirtyphonics played their really heavy style of electro with some drum and bass added in which is about 160 beats per minute, creating mass amounts of energy as it is a quick change from the traditional slower dubstep speed of 140 BPM. Mighty Fools and MTA also played, delivering a more fidgety/glitchy style of dubstep that cuts in an out really quickly to create a sense of movement and is really easy to dance to. Overall the opening acts as well as Flux Pavilion played a very wide spectrum of music. Massive shows like this really display how much this genre is growing in terms of popularity, and with respect to growth in the diversity of the music. Among producers, there is now more than ever a desire to explore into the distant abstract creativity that keeps these ever changing genres going.

Review by: Taylor Gavinchuk | Photos by: Michael Caswell




About the author: Taylor Gavinchuk, Vancouver, BC.

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  • nwjckswng

    My big question is, how did it sound.  I love Dubstep, but listening to it in a gigantic barn makes me expect a crazy loud show that is mostly just echoe and SUB…

  • Audrey

    It was fucking crazy, so good.  I would know being dead centre against the fence the whole night, it was the best birthday/St. Patrick’s Day, I’ll ever have.  It was good sound 98% of the time, the only two is when your ears can’t handle it any more, ahhaha.